Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Automation

Enable your sales team to focus on their main duties by eliminating manual data entry inside your CRM. Grace automatically captures and updates your customer data, opportunities and activities to provide a complete and up-to-date view of your sales pipeline.


Automate Your Data Entry and Save 6+ Hours a Week for Every Sales Member

Once you connect your email and CRM with Grace, Grace automatically syncs the data from your inbound and outbound emails and calendar with your CRM. Grace analyzes all of your sales team's communications and logs relevant updates inside your CRM. New contacts are also automatically added to make CRM management a breeze and to save valuable time of your sales team members.


Grace analyzes all sales communications from your inbound and outbound emails and calendar and logs relevant updates inside your CRM.


Automated Data Entry

Grace automatically:

  • Logs captured communications and attachments into the relevant CRM entities.
  • Updates contact information of accounts, leads and contacts inside the CRM.
  • Adds new contacts to the CRM.
  • Scans for historic communications for new leads and contacts and logs relevant records inside the CRM.
  • Creates new tasks and updates existing tasks in the CRM calendar.

Any update made by Grace can be modified or declined with 1-click of a button.


Complete, Unbiased and Current Data

Grace captures and logs complete data inside the CRM in real time, thus ensuring that the quality of your CRM data does not depend on decisions of individual sales reps.


CRM Compatibility

Email Compatibility