The Week of December 14, 2015

This Week in Inside Sales brings you this week’s news, how-tos, and trends from the world of sales technology.

How Much Does It Really Cost You to Keep the CRM Up-to-Date?

Ever wondered how much it costs your company to keep the CRM up to date? In this post, we help you better understand the price of the manual CRM data entry. Keeping CRM up to date is a necessary, but costly activity. Your average sales rep spends over 1.5 hours each day maintaining the CRM (creating and updating records, capturing emails, etc.). Wasted sales time results in significant losses and missed opportunities over time as this time could be better spent meeting with potential and current clients. Read more

In the News

317 Companies, $10B in Funding, and 110K Employees: Inside Sales Startups Exploding

According to new analysis published by Spoke Intelligence, 317 inside sales startups sprinkled over the last 25 years have taken $9.7 billion in funding and turned it into $77 billion in exits, acquisitions, and current balance sheet value.

Microsoft Previews Dynamics CRM 2016 Roadmap

Customers can expect new licensing options, mobile marketing features and customer feedback capabilities in the coming months.

Wall Street Thinks Salesforce Could Fix One Big Flaw in Its Business by Following Oracle

Salesforce is one of the largest and fastest growing cloud software companies in the world. It’s no surprise that its share price is at a record high, giving it a market cap of $53 billion. But there seems to be one glaring weakness in Salesforce’s business that could potentially hurt its long-term growth: slow overseas sales.

73% Of Marketers See Email Delivery Issues Due To Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate data continues to impede email marketers, with three out of four companies experiencing delivery issues within the past year, according to Experian Marketing Services.

BrightFunnel Raises $6M to Help Sales Teams Truly Understand Marketing ROI

BrightFunnel is after a really compelling problem: What did all of those trade shows, webinars, whitepapers, and emails actually get me in terms of real revenue? Why is marketing sending my sales team crummy leads? And why can’t my sales team attribute accurate value to marketing spend?

Guides and How-tos

7 Often-Forgotten Steps to a Successful CRM Launch

While initiatives can fail for a number of reasons, companies all hope to deliver the project on time, within budget and appreciate significant value from the implementation. Here are seven critical success factors for launching your CRM internally within scope.

How to Choose the Right Consultant to Help You Pick Your CRM System

Most companies planning to adopt a CRM system opt to engage outside expertise so that they can ensure a successful outcome and free their employees to focus on their core work within the company. When hiring a consultant, it’s wise to carefully evaluate whether that consultant is a fit for your project. Here are five ways in which you can do so.

5 B2B Email Marketing Strategies for Better Results

Marketing technology companies rely on the email to reach out to prospective brand customers. Email serves as the first of the several touch points. While some sales activity is indeed carried over phone, the maximum interaction happens over email. Here are some B2B email marketing strategies that you can use for assured better results.

Make Your Sales Soar With Social Media Marketing

With social becoming the new marketing channel, picking up on your social media marketing skills is a must to boost sales and revenue. For those using social media without making marketing their primary objective, they may as well have a social media relations section under the PR department.

Managing a Marketing Campaign with CRM

Marketing campaigns are focused sales efforts and the more tightly focused the effort the more successful it is likely to be. CRM can play a vital role in successful marketing campaign by doing everything from keeping multiple campaigns straight to segmenting sub-populations to be targeted by the campaigns.

CRM Critical Success Factor – User Feedback

Having an optimal CRM system in place — one that addresses your business needs, serves your customers well and pleases your employees — is a high-stakes proposition. The right solution and partner can bring it all together. In planning for a well-used CRM system consider the various involvement with your CRM users.

Studies, Interviews and Industry Trends

The Amazing Evolution and Power of Inside Sales

The role of virtually-based inside sales professionals has evolved into the fastest growing and most widely embraced selling channel across the globe.

The Evolution of CRM, Marketing Automation, and Customer Management

In dealing with growing volumes and variety of data, including using it to predict optimal future actions, marketing automation plays an increasingly important role — not just in customer engagement but in customer management.

5 Security Vulnerabilities for SaaS CRM Systems

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are gaining ground in the enterprise market, with IDC predicting cloud apps reaching 27.8 percent by 2018. However, you do need to be aware of security vulnerabilities present in the SaaS environment prior to loading sensitive customer data and trade secrets into the system.

3 Winning B2B Marketing Trends

With the constantly evolving dynamic business environment, companies have little choice but to revamp their marketing strategies in order to stay aligned with this new archetype. Several new trends have emerged in 2015; however, knowing how to leverage these trends to improve customer engagement may sometimes be a challenge.

Why Could, Would And Should Buy HubSpot

HubSpot's inbound-marketing platform is seeing intense growth and compliments Salesforce's current offering. HubSpot's new CRM platform, Sidekick, is gaining traction in the mid-market. Salesforce's history of acquisitions with marketing tech companies make this likely.