Ever wondered how much it costs your company to keep the CRM up to date? In this post, we help you better understand the price of the manual CRM data entry.

Keeping CRM up to date is a necessary, but costly activity. Your average sales rep spends over 1.5 hours each day maintaining the CRM (creating and updating records, capturing emails, etc.). Wasted sales time results in significant losses and many missed opportunities over time as this time could be better spent meeting with potential and current clients.

For example:

  • It takes, on average, 3 minutes to copy an email inside the appropriate CRM record with searching for the right contact inside the CRM, writing an email, copying the CRM, copying and pasting the response, then replying and repeating the BCC process.
  • It takes over 5 minutes to create an opportunity by searching the existing account or creating a new account inside the CRM and entering all the opportunity-related details. 
  • It takes over a minute to update the CRM record.

With Grace, sales reps can accomplish each of these activities in 1 second and decrease the amount of time spent updating CRM records by over 95%. Finally, sales reps can focus on their main job: interacting with prospects and clients!